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Upcoming shows


Past shows

14 Dec 2019 Äntligen Lördag Biljardkompaniet, Kristianstad, Sweden
27 July 2019 Hoppapalooza Festival Beijers park, Malmö, Sweden
29 June 2019 Rynge Teater Rynge, Sweden
19 Apr 2019 Rynge Teater Rynge, Sweden
29 Mar 2019 Kongen Live - Kong Christian Kristianstad, Sweden
27 Oct 2018 U.W.O Spooktacular Ystad, Sweden
15 Sep 2018 Farozon Hässleholm, Sweden
18 May 2018 The Goblin Rockbar - Kong Christan Kristianstad, Sweden
4 May 2018 NEMIS at Backstage rockbar Varberg, Sweden
17 Mar 2018 Livekarusellen - Markan Hässleholm, Sweden
10 Mar 2018 Livekarusellen - Jutan Helsingborg, Sweden
4 Mar 2018 Livekarusellen - Sofiepark Malmö, Sweden
5 Aug 2017 Hos Morten Café Ystad, Sweden
14 Jan 2016 UG Ystad, Sweden
11 Feb 2016 S.M.U.R.F Svedala, Sweden
23 Apr 2016 S.M.U.R.F Svedala, Sweden
24 Jun 2016 Midsommar i Munka-Tågarp Munka-Tågarp, Sweden
14 Jul 2016 Sommarrock Svedala Svedala, Sweden
16 Jul 2016 Rynge teater Rynge, Sweden
3 Dec 2016 UG Ystad, Sweden
29 May 2015 Studentkåren Malmö, Sweden
7 Feb 2014 Fredagsröj Ystad, Sweden
3 Oct 2014 UG Ystad, Sweden
20 Jul 2013 Casperfestivalen Hammenhög, Sweden
24 Aug 2013 Ryngeröjet Rynge, Sweden
6 Sep 2013 Fabulosafestivalen Hemlig plats i skogen, Sweden
16 Mar 2012 Scala Ystad, Sweden
28 Jul 2012 Repromenaden Ystad, Sweden
7 Aug 2012 Ystads Teater Ystad, Sweden
17 Aug 2012 Rock 'n' Loaded Landskrona, Sweden
25 Aug 2012 Ryngeröjet Rynge, Sweden
18 Jun 2011 Casperfestivalen Hammenhög, Sweden
16 Jul 2011 Repromenaden Ystad, Sweden
26 Jul 2011 Beat Root-festival S:t Olof, Sweden
21 Oct 2011 Kabinen Ystad, Sweden
21 Mar 2010 The UN-day Trafficing Charity Ystad, Sweden
19 Jun 2010 Garaget Hammenhög, Sweden
17 Jul 2010 Repromenaden Ystad, Sweden
17 May 2008 KB Malmö, Sweden
6 May 2006 VOID Spring festival Kalmar, Sweden
5 Jul 2006 Siesta! Festival Hässleholm, Sweden
4 Jun 2005 Scala Ystad, Sweden
13 Aug 2005 Bäretoftafestivalen Bäretofta, Sweden
27 Jul 2004 Bistro Malmö, Sweden
7 Aug 2004 Chorus Rockenock Ystad, Sweden
14 Mar 2003 Kajplats 305 Malmö, Sweden
18 Nov 2003 Bistro Malmö, Sweden
11 Aug 2002 Chorusfestivalen Ystad, Sweden

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Jesper Hermansson


(+46)70-971 05 02

Erik Tapper

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There's always room for more (2018)

King A (2016)

Smile! (2011)

If you ain't deaf, you damn well should be (2004)

A Grand Neck-Tie Party (2001)

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This section is currently under construction.

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""Just så kan U.W.O. beskrivas – när man tror att man ska få en snyting så får man istället en varm kram.""

- Bengt Eriksson, Ystad Allehanda

A few select songs


U.W.O is a fresh take on punk-rock with a rough bass that guides the band, hard and playful drums, and a guitar that keeps it funky. They're heavily influenced by Primus, Red Hot Chili Peppers, and NoMeansNo.

Started out in 1998 as a Primus cover band by Erik Tapper on bass and vocals, Fredrik Hallqvist on drums and Jonas Arvidsson on guitar later matured into U.W.Os unique sound and original songs. Shortly after the release of the first album "A grand neck-tie party", Jonas left U.W.O and a new guitarist was hired; Johan Borgström. Johans funky guitar set a new sound for the band and together they released "If you ain't deaf yet you damn well should be" and "Smile!". In 2015 Johan left the band, and Jesper Hermansson was hired as the new U.W.O guitarist.

U.W.O recently released the EP King A, and is working on a second EP right now!


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Short press bio (in Swedish)

PunkRocktrio från södra Skåne med influenser från bl.a Primus, Nomeansno, Beastie Boys och Motorhead. Musiken är riffbaserad och drivs fram av basen. Verbal tillrättavisning och ett tungt sväng utlovas.

Highlights from 2016

  • Opened at Svedala Sommarrock Festival
  • Won a band contest at S.M.U.R.F.
  • Played at the inauguration of Rynge Teater
  • Helped to raise money for an ALS-funding
  • Recorded and released a new EP - King A

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